Thursday, 30 August 2012

hola amigos

hey guys, I'm back from mexico which was UHMAZZINGG
this is a bit of a photo heavy post so if you don't like them then just leave.
don't know if any of you are interested but these are some pictures of my holiday.

I like pretty pictures :) and here are some things that I have bought recently.

really bad picture but they're so pretty, dorothy perkins-£1

japanese cherry blossom shower gel-£4

20p from a bootsale, how amazing :D
 todays outfit post.
scarf-bootsale, hoodie-new look

rock and roll top-asos
hope you like my photos.
I absolutely love this video :)

Monday, 6 August 2012


Sorry that my last couple of posts have been hauls...after my holiday I will try to get back on track and do some different types of posts! This might be my last post  for a while by the way, I just happen to be going to Mexico with my best friend, oooh lucky me :) I am going for two weeks, so don't think that I am ditching the blogging world.
I think I'm spending too much...OH WELL IT'S SUMMER, would you believe?!

visibly clear exfoliating wash, £1something
This doesn't look too good as a photo, but it looks great on, quite grunge styled, I love it!

topshop skater dress-charity shops £4.50
This doesn't look good as a picture either, but it's gorgeous!

H+M studded vest-charity shop £1
topshop dress-charity shop £5
Have you got any good charity shop buys recently?