Saturday, 31 March 2012

As long as we're together does it matter where we go?

Hey! Bit of a boring post. I've been shopping with Meg today but I've forgotten to bring my camera lead to my dads, because I'm a bit of an idiot like that. And I would use my blackberry but it went wierd... eurgh :s xx
I promise to do a new post on what I got, probably Monday or something.
Anyway, I found a few awesome websites yesterday.      .... Has the most amazing mouse ring :D     ...Quite pricey but I love the bags!

Beautiful song...

Friday, 30 March 2012

Hope you know that I'm happy to see you

Hey guys. I'm off shopping tomorrow, so they'll probs be a post of the things that I bought.
For now, a quick inspiration post.
I really like this. Can't remember where I found it, think it was on tumblr somewhere. 
Another tumblr. How cute?
I SO need to start doing nail art :D
This is so true. Just be yourself, other people can do what they like.
Picture from the Summer I think. Of the beach 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

And you will never know, just how beautiful you are to me

Hey guys. Bit of a random post today, because I didn't know what else to say. But then again, I'm a pretty random person, so yeahh...
10 RANDOM facts about meeeeee
1. I have a strange obsession with mayonaisse. (Probably spelt wrong)
2. I hate my hair, and can't decide what I want to do with it.
3. My two favourite people are ginger. My best friend Meg, and urmm...Ed Sheeran :D
4. I love jersey cows.
5. I like unusual kettles and bins.
6. I own the biggest cat I've ever seen. (I believe he's part bear).
7. I love the taste of bonjela.
8. Today I found out you can get marshmallow juice.
9. Marshmallow juice tastes amazing.
10. My name is spelt with double 'i'.

hmm, I'm a really wierd person. I wonder how many people will stop following this now, haha :Dxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm not perfect, but I know I'm perfect for you

Can I just start by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've been blogging for two days and already loads of people have followed and commented so thank you thank you! You are such nice people :)
Can I also say, please check out my best friend Meg's blog, as she hasn't got many followers or had views. It's a shame because it's a great blog with loads of good fashion ideas! So deff check it out ta very muuuch :)Xx

There are so many things I want at the moment....these are my favourites!xx

Cute Ed Sheeran tee, I love him so much :)
Gorgeous earrings from Empty Casket. I love how they're different lengths and seem quite hippy-ish!
Slouchy jumper from h+m, although I'm trying to look at more summery clothes now!
Love the colours they come in, but I don't know if they're any good. Have any of you tried them?
The Cab's album. I love them so much it's unreal. If you haven't already heard of them, there is a link to one of my fav songs of theirs at the bottom of page!
Plain white t's album! I could listen to them all day!
Oh yeah, I wouldn't mind Ed Sheeran, if that's ok with everyone :Dxx
I also really love these Topshop socks but I don't know how to wear them. Any ideas? purleeeasee xx
Todays outfit. Scarf-peacocks. top-charity shop. shorts-pilot. I love the clashing of tiger print and pink scarf!
And finally, my outfit today, including my new charity shop bargain!
What's on your wish list at the moment?xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

There's nothing I love more than the sun on my face

Hey guys. I popped into a few charity shops at the weekend, so I thought I'd show you a few of my buys!!xx
Boring hoodie, good for cold nights :)

                                           Gorgeous bag, love this style! £1.50
Cath Kidston looky-likey!! £1.50

two books, Pig Heart Boy and Before I Fall. 50p and £1.50  

Tiger top. I have seen loads of these so was really happy when I got this cutie for £2.00 

Ugly old lady jumper. But it looks nice under a hoodie when you can't see ugly sleeves! £2.50  
Pretty primark dress, brand new with tags. £4.99
It's been really lovely and sunny today, so to show how happy I am, and because I love the song...I will leave you will the beautiful Joe Jury xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Here comes the sun!

Hi guys! I'm new to blogging so please be nice :) I just want to share with you my love for fashion and music and everything else I love. I thought that each title would be the name or lyrics from a song I like, as all I do is listen to music ;) for my first post i chose here comes the sun, by The Beatles, because I'm learning it on guitar at the moment! Hope you enjoy my blog<3
madii xx
p.s-check out my best friends blogs-