Monday, 30 April 2012

coldest story ever told

100 things I love part 4

31. Shopping
32. Youtube
33. Listening to music I haven't heard before
34. Music that makes you feel good
35. Curly hair
36.  Pretty tattoos
37. Diy
38. My best friend Meg
39. Clearing my bedroom out (don't ask)
40. Vintage

Also had to share these weheartit photos x

and a fantastic song that I haven't stopped singing for two days solid xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012


from this


to this

don't they look cute? these shorts were from primark I think, and the scarf was out of a charity shop. I just made a paper template of the shape and then copied that to the material, cut it out and stuck it on!It doesn't look perfect but it is only my first diy project! haha xx
what do you think to them? what could I wear them with?xx

So I'll spend the night looking into your eyes

Went shopping with Caprice today! I'm very happy with the bargains I got :D xx

I didn't get these today I got them from Asda yesterday, but aren't they amazing for £3? Not sure where to put them though, maybe on the new school bag that I don't yet have...

Miss Selfridge necklace, in the sale for £2.50
Although you can't really see it it looked quite cute against Layla.
New Look sale-£6
Trying to show the little neon bits on it
Primark t-shirt-£3
Rose bud Lipstick out the natural collection-£1.99
Black rose headband-Topshop sale, £1.50
Miss Selfridge bracelet-£5
I've wanted a topshop earcuff for soooo long so when it was reduced I was MEGA happy!xx £2.50
Blue and black leggings-new look. I'm in love with these, also they were reduced to £4!! How awesurrrrrm :D
And this is what I wore;

scarf-Jane norman, hoody-new look, top-asos, leggings-primark
Wish you were here

If you have any ideas please tell me how to wear my new things!xx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Try to slip past his defence

Vest-miss selfridge, shorts-primark
gift from benidorm, and gift
dug out these gorgeous shorts today. they're soooooo comfy.

Right I've been wanting to ask for ages, it says on my dashboard that I only have 14 followers :O!!! Can you believe that, I know I have more because way more people have told me that they are following but it hasn't changed for a couple of weeks. Is there some sort of way to refresh it? Bleuurgh.

I'm busy writing my birthday wishlist today :) aren't I good?
Earlier I ordered Meg's birthday present and I really want to show you but of course she will see ;) hehe xx
what you all doing this weekend?xxx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hoodie still smells of the beach bonfire

100 things I love part 3

21. Lil Wayne
22. Ted Baker perfume
23. Topshop
24. YOLO
25. ebay
26. car boot sales
27. sunny days
28. my family
29. old cars
30. charity shops


Monday, 23 April 2012

You can be as cold as the winter weather

Mood Board!!

I thought you might all like to see my mood board and what I put on it. These are all my inspirations which are mainly from magazines, and it's right next to my mirror so I can look at it every morning as I'm getting ready. some are just because I like the people and the personality, and some are because it's a fashion or beauty idea that I would like to try for myself!!
(left to right)
pixie lott-I'm not a fan of her music, but on this particular picture I really like her eye make up and the little hearts she's drawn next to her eyes!
nicki minaj-cluster of her pictures because I love her! Her music (most of it) comes straight from the heart, and she is not afraid to be different although some of her outfits are a little bit random!!
eye make up-the first one reminded me to get some gel eyeliner, and I love the purple eyeliner in the second one.
pattern-love the colours,I think it was an asos t-shirt
lea michelle-I don't like Glee at ALL!! But she always comes out with really nice quotes and sayings about being positive which I love!
Rihanna-purely because I love both of her hairstyles on these! Messy updo with a bow, and casual ponytail with straight fringe.
 Vanessa hudgens-She makes the casual look look so effortless!!
Blake lively-I have always said that I think she's the prettiest celebrity in the world! She's naturally beautiful.
Jennifer Lawrence-If you haven't seen the Hunger Games, there is something wrong with you. It is an amazing film. I read an interview with her and she is so genuine!
Ed Sheeran-no one writes songs like he does, and of course he's beautiful! Need I say anything else? :p
Jessie J-Her music is ok, but mainly I like her fun personality. The bit of writing next to her says 'life isn't supposed to be easy. If it's easy, its so boring. Even though at some points you might be like "oh, I just want to get a job, I keep going for interviews and just not getting a job"-it will happen, you just have to keep at it. You have to believe in yourself, because if you don't believe in yourself, no one else can believe in you'. Jessie herself said that, and I think it is beautiful.

The two quotes/sayings underneath say;
we will be friends as long as stars twinkle in the sky, as long as angels are up there high,till oceans run dry, till the day I die <3
and the other;
if I did my best but still failed, it was because the situation was beyond my best efforts.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I enjoyed writing it.
peace xxx

Sunday, 22 April 2012


My easter present has finally arrived so I can show you what it is...dun dun DUUUUN

woo don't you just love it? It's lavvleyy xoxo
I also got a cute quote to go on the wall of my bedroom so when it's up I will put a pic on :Dxx

I cried out on a moonlit night

100 things I love part 2

Don't you just love his face?
11. Dougie Poynter

12. Chocolate

13. Baking

14. Summer

15. Blogging

16. Converse

17. Dance

18. The Cab

19. The Voice

20. This song..... (see below) ;)xxxxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

(All photos are from blogs, tumblr or just randomly off the internet xx
Fated to be hated

Next season scream
Hope you like, please comment xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Baby take a chance or you'll never ever know

Ello ello.
I saw on Starry Eyed's blog that she has started the 100 things I love. I really like the idea so I stooooole it!!!
I will do ten on each post to give me time to think and so you don't get bored ;) xx
1. Ed Sheeran
2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
3. Hugs
4. My dog
5. Music
6. Photography
7. Mayonnaise.
8. Nice quotes
9. Reading
10.Playing guitar

So yeaaaaah.

I am SO annoyed that the weather is so crap no car boot's have started near me :'(
I lurrrrv them and I've seen that some other blogs have got some good bargains which makes me feel extremely jealous -_-  Really in need for some good bargains, how depressing.

Tell me if you have any goodies from car boots recently? xx


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I barely recognize us anymore

So, me and meg went to a 60's (please forgive me) gig on Sunday and had a good laugh! She really is perfect! I'd had a bad day and she made it soooo much better.
I wore a skirt, which is quite different for me as I normally just stick to shorts and jeans but I thought I'd dress up a bit!!

Safety pin necklace-a gift, cardi-international, tee-primark, skirt-all saints via ebay, bag-international.
Love my bargain All Saints skirt for £6!! It's a little too big but I love it too much not to wear it ;)xx

And today's outfit

Jumper-select, leggings-primark

So yeah sorry it's not very interesting. Just thought I'd show my cat support (see previous post :'(     ) and it was only for dancing so yeaaah!!

Monday, 16 April 2012


Scrap wishlists and outfits
This post is for my cat, Ollibear, who passed away yesterday :(
He was the most amazing, beautiful cat anyone could ask for. It was horrible to see him go. But he lived a good old life with us until he was 16.
You might think it's silly dedicating a post to him but my pets mean so much :'(

In memory of Oliver, this is my favourite song ever. <3 :'( xoxo

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The harder I try, the less we feel right for each other

shorts-pilot, tights-primark, tee-bhs, cardi-tesco, scarf-peacocks
1 +2- few picks of my shelves
and looooook what came in the post for ME today! hehehe haven't been able to stop listening to it! PLAIN WHITE T'S.. Just love them xo
my outfit post (it looked nicer in person)