Saturday, 31 March 2012

As long as we're together does it matter where we go?

Hey! Bit of a boring post. I've been shopping with Meg today but I've forgotten to bring my camera lead to my dads, because I'm a bit of an idiot like that. And I would use my blackberry but it went wierd... eurgh :s xx
I promise to do a new post on what I got, probably Monday or something.
Anyway, I found a few awesome websites yesterday.      .... Has the most amazing mouse ring :D     ...Quite pricey but I love the bags!

Beautiful song...


  1. Gosh this song is soo beautiful! I've been listening to it since yesterday. I'm really liking the music you are posting on your blog, or loving it actually. Any way I'm absolutely following your blog and thank you so much for following mine! Keep posting great music! x S.

    1. It's amazing isn't it? I love it! Aww I'm so glad you like the music I'm putting on! Thank you that's a lovely comment <3 xx