Saturday, 5 May 2012

Can't you see that it's just rainin

New quote up in my room, cute isn't it? It says 'don't dream your life, live your dreams'. You buy it off ebay like me or probably amazon. I really wanted one to do with dreaming or the future or something because my life motto is 'never give up on something you love'. I think that your dreams can come true if you make them happen.

leggings-primark, tee-new look, scarf-peacocks, denim jacket-not sure it's my mums

This is my new new look tee that I got last weekend. I lurrrve it. It will probably go nice with my new diy shorts too.

First-bhs, second-rio
I love that second bracelet. it says no one is watching. It is also written on the inside which I found quite cute. Rio have a website here which will be ready soon.

excuse the slippers

I took my flocking powder off my nails, which was a pig. I'm going to have to try it again because when I got it wet it went all wierd and stooooopid. Maybe when I'm not as ill as I am now. I'm never ill so when I occasionally am it's horrible. I have a horrid cold so I've been drinking lots of hot lemonade and honey. mmm xx