Friday, 11 May 2012

through the good and the bad and the ugly

Yesterday's outfit
Actually really like this outfit,with my usual shorts and tights. The tee is my new primark one from a few posts ago.
I tried out the She's a Rebel glitter bath yesterday.

I was quite pleased with it! It wasn't too thick, or too runny, and it left my skin feeling really soft. It does have glitter in but it didn't make my skin glittery, as I know that puts a few people off. I'm not sure how much it is because it was a gift.

Also I went into a little boutique by me called 'the secret wardrobe' and I got pretty pairs of earrings for £1 in the sale.

Aren't they lovely? Especially the first pair, they're so cute. I might wear some for Meg's party tomorrow, well I probably won't actually but anyway.
Can I just ask, pretty pretty please can you listen to this beautiful song? All the music I put on is stuff I love, but this song is just so emotional and has a real story to it. Thanks guys xxx


  1. Wow, the earrings looks so great and I'm really inspired to try your bubble bath! Awesome!:)

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! It's one of my faves <3 xx