Thursday, 17 May 2012

We'll forget all of this even exists

Really sorry I haven't been blogging lately, it's coming up to exams so I'm going to be a bit lame on the blogging
 thing for a few weeks....
I wasn't quite sure what to do this post about, but I got this cute skirt off ebay a few days ago.
 It's my typical sort of skirt to be honest! I always go for the colourful, skater skirt type! The thing is, I always wear them the same! 'Plain vest top and statement necklace or a scarf'. BOORRRRIIIING. So if you have any ideas of others ways I could wear them...please say?

This song is bound to cheer you up when you're down! Turn it up full, and DANCE!! :D
Happy thursday xxx


  1. You could try a blouse with a studded collar? They can be quite pricey but it's easy enough to put your own studs onto a blouse, you can get the studs from ebay :) x

    1. that's a great idea!! Thank you very much x

  2. Love the skirt, i pictured it at first with converse, a long blouse and a waistcoat. Great song!:) really tempted to get their album somehow now!xxx