Sunday, 29 April 2012

So I'll spend the night looking into your eyes

Went shopping with Caprice today! I'm very happy with the bargains I got :D xx

I didn't get these today I got them from Asda yesterday, but aren't they amazing for £3? Not sure where to put them though, maybe on the new school bag that I don't yet have...

Miss Selfridge necklace, in the sale for £2.50
Although you can't really see it it looked quite cute against Layla.
New Look sale-£6
Trying to show the little neon bits on it
Primark t-shirt-£3
Rose bud Lipstick out the natural collection-£1.99
Black rose headband-Topshop sale, £1.50
Miss Selfridge bracelet-£5
I've wanted a topshop earcuff for soooo long so when it was reduced I was MEGA happy!xx £2.50
Blue and black leggings-new look. I'm in love with these, also they were reduced to £4!! How awesurrrrrm :D
And this is what I wore;

scarf-Jane norman, hoody-new look, top-asos, leggings-primark
Wish you were here

If you have any ideas please tell me how to wear my new things!xx


  1. I LOVE both the tops and the necklaces, the ear cuff looks amazing!xxx

  2. Wow didn't realise you bought so much stuff x

  3. Hi! I like the t-shirt with fluo colors and the blue/black leggings!

  4. Love the necklace and new look vest :) xx