Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I barely recognize us anymore

So, me and meg went to a 60's (please forgive me) gig on Sunday and had a good laugh! She really is perfect! I'd had a bad day and she made it soooo much better.
I wore a skirt, which is quite different for me as I normally just stick to shorts and jeans but I thought I'd dress up a bit!!

Safety pin necklace-a gift, cardi-international, tee-primark, skirt-all saints via ebay, bag-international.
Love my bargain All Saints skirt for £6!! It's a little too big but I love it too much not to wear it ;)xx

And today's outfit

Jumper-select, leggings-primark

So yeah sorry it's not very interesting. Just thought I'd show my cat support (see previous post :'(     ) and it was only for dancing so yeaaah!!


  1. AWW i love you Madii! you're perfect also!;)<3 really cute top, it looks great on you! great song too!<3xo

  2. sweet blog
    wanna follow each other ?


  3. love the jumper! xx